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Art Exhibition: titled Transformation

Transformation is a general occurrence that takes place in all aspects of life. It remains an undeniable phenomenon that takes time and patience to understand. The above artwork illustrates transformation in nature describing the four seasons. Winter season comes with snow and cold that freeze up all plants and trees. Everything seems quiet and colorless with few movements both of people and animals.

The good thing is that, it lasts for short period. After that, gradual changes bring a different system that ushers in warmer but wet climate. This new season called spring helps to unfreeze trees and other plants and brings about transformation. The newness of life comes out of something that looks dead but growth is eminent. During this period, insects and crawlers are breaking forth from their eggs to form a new life.

Transformation continues to reflect in insects such as the butterfly that goes from eggs to caterpillars. Nature has provided food in abundance for its speedy growth and transform it to pupa, a hibernating process that precedes the beauty that everyone enjoys in butterfly. As temperature becomes warmer gradually, plants and flowers are developing and blossoming, seeds and fruits are developing, and it is Summer time. Everything is colorful and smells nice. It is a time that all creature enjoys freshness of the air, sunshine and warm rain. Then the change of weather to Autumn slows down the pace of fun for everyone.

As cold begins to penetrate the soil, tree leaves gradually react to it by transforming from shade of green to bright colorful landscape that draws the attention of many people. In a few days when leaves start to drop one after the other, squirrels use this opportunity to pick some food to store for the Winter time. This painting is just a reminder that transformation happens on a daily basis to every creature.

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